Nurture Connect and Grow

Dear Members,

At the outset, I extend my warmest greetings to everyone. I am deeply grateful, overwhelmed and humbled for the support bestowed by all the Members of PRSI –Lucknow to place their unconditional support and faith in me and unanimously electing me as the Chairman of this august society which is now no longer a name but an institution in itself. It is indeed a great onus on me but I assure that we shall together endeavor to take PRSI to lofty heights.

It is also a matter of great pride that today we are celebrating the first National PR Education Day, commemorating the 83rd birthday of Dr CV Narasimha Reddi, the former National President of PRSI who is an epitome of professional excellence and commitment to the Public Relations profession.

As you all are aware that the national association of PR practitioners was established in 1958 to promote the recognition of public relations as a profession and to formulate and interpret to the public the objectives and the potentialities of public relations as a strategic management function. The sense of mission only takes on real significance when put into practice; to achieve this goal, let us practice a three-pronged approach: connect, nurture, and grow. CONNECT proactively with the PR worlds of practice policy and also with academic work nationally and globally. NURTURE upcoming PR professionals, creating opportunities and promote and assist the PR fraternity gain better professional edge by actively promoting various social and professional activities.  This will help to our community to GROW maintain and upgrade the quality of our profession.

The future holds tremendous promise for PRSI. I assure you that we shall strive together to follow our mission, setting pace with the modern world, with our feet forever walking into tomorrow.

Monalisa Chaudhari.