Public Relations Social Responsibility

All the time we hear a lot about the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which is fulfilling duties and responsibilities towards the welfare and benefit of the society beyond corporate assignments.

E-Governance, Single Window System, Organizing Free Legal Help and Open Public Hearing (Lok Adalat), Free Medical Treatment Camps, Door Step Delivery, Free Automobile Check Up & maintenance, Charity Sports Tournaments and Concerts organized on various occasions to raise funds to help flood, riot and earthquake victims etc are some examples of the social responsibility awareness measures undertaken by different professionals in every sphere.

Often people ask why they don’t see such initiatives taken by the media and public relations. Well, the answer is obvious and logical. All the time media people keep exploring, chasing, investigating and covering such issues that impact public. Ignoring paid & sponsored media the rest of the media ideally a synonym of public welfare.

Ordinarily you don’t hear of Public Relations’ Social Responsibility as a mission statement although it’s very much in existence. All the time the PR professionals doing this and that social activity as an assignment not realizing what they were doing was just beyond the CSR and much more than that. Yet, the PR fraternity may do much more definitely.

We, as the PR fraternity must admit that our society needs countless Professional Public Relations Social Responsibility Missions at the grass root level. All organizations must strengthen the social fabric around their campus, support the eco-systems, suitably reward honesty & courage and promote community self-help infrastructure in whatever way possible.

The PRSI, Lucknow Chapter re-launch has the same spirit. We have the one of the best team any PRSI Chapter in India has. We have a blend of the most illustrious top Media & PR Academicians and the outstandingly successful Public Relations Practitioners as well. We have countless journalism and mass communication student support as our backbone. Within a brief period from its restart PRSI Lucknow has organized significant activities. In the forthcoming days we are going to organize a lot of other activities, training programs, workshops and road shows to help various sectors who are into public welfare in any manner.

The PR fraternity being omnipresent, omnipotent and omnifarious is capable of achieving any goals. It’s we who form, shape and steer public opinion. So, our social responsibility is greater. The PRSI Lucknow is going to shoulder this seriously, very-very seriously!

– Ashok Kumar Sharma, D.Phil.